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Gilles replacement footrest set California for driver RGK-500 black

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Gilles replacement footrest set California for driver RGK-500 black The California replacement... more

Gilles replacement footrest set California for driver RGK-500 black

The California replacement footrests for the driver's position can be mounted quickly and easily to the original mounting points of the motorbike thanks to the supplied folding joints. Scope of delivery: Set of two detents and two folding joints.

Details of the California Rest: In
the famous California Superbike School, the world's best instructors gather around the inventor of advanced step-by-step rider training, Keith Code. Many Superbike World Champions have gone through Keith's school to improve their riding skills.
Now the experience and knowledge gained from thousands of hours and kilometres of borderline motorcycle riding is reflected in the Gilles Tooling California Superbike School footrest, which
has a unique patented design with bevelled outer sides. The bevelled outer surface offers superior grip when cornering and especially in the hanging off, which translates into increased safety at high lean angles. The upper side of the notch has a wider curve than standard notches, which gives the soles more contact surface and thus also the best possible grip. Thanks to a toothed connection to the detent joint, the upper side of the detent can be precisely aligned and fixed in 15 degree steps. With this detent, you can drive more safely and confidently in any situation. Optional outriggers cannot be mounted.

(Individual illustrations may show optional accessories which are not included in the scope of delivery)

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